Admit That You Did Wrong!!

>> Sunday, April 3, 2011


One of the hardest things to do is to admit that you did wrong, although it is clearly you did it. It is because if you do that it means you tear of you own proud.

As human beings you have bad desire, and the bed desire is sometimes more powerful than your conscience. The bed desire is always forces us to do anything that make its happy, usually the bad things that will destroy us in anyway soon or later.

That is the reason we are urged to be very careful with our bad desire that was ridden by devil to make it more worsen. Only God can sheltered us from the devil that can disguise in many form in order to lured men to do what they want- in the end to drag us with them to the hell, the intolerable place to live.

Did not ready to admit that we are wrong if we did wrong is one of the many factors that made we do many wrong things, either we purposely do it or not. By neglected no to admit wrong thing that we did, that means we forced us to believe that we were doing the rightful thing, although it is clearly that we are standing on the wrong path that will bring us to torment.

One of so many factors that increased the road accident in our country today is that the wrong doer on the road is not ready to admit that they did wrong on the road. They always think that they are on the right side although it is clear they are on wrong sides.

Example while driving on the road we carelessly drive and overtake the front vehicle of us although the road sign clearly showed that it is forbidden to do that because there is sharp curve. If at that time a vehicle is incoming and nearly collided with your car, surely you will scold that driver and charged him careless driver and drive the car with blind eyes.

In that case you are on the wrong side but you still did not want to admit it and put the blamed to another person who is innocent.

If you do that again next time, and the same thing happen, surely you still will not admit that you have done wrong, instead you will blame other because of you carelessness.

Luckily if nothing has happen, either you will be landed in hospital, for a few weeks or months and came out crippling, and then you will be summon to court, or you and your family will be brought to the grave and never return again to this world. Then God knows who is right and who is wrong.

I always heard some religious teacher like to blame the people when during their preaching did not have a good audience. They are angry because the member of the community did not attend their religious teachings. It is better for them before they put their blame to the people, they should examine their deliverance, how they deliver their speech, the contents of their speech, did they know how to speak attractively and so and so. If they are very sure they have done the best, in the right time and in the right place, and then they can fell sadly to the community that did not respond to their religious teaching.

To admit we are wrong is difficult. To forgive is also difficult. So to give forgiveness is a great thing as great as to admit our wrong. Not every one can do it, and not in all places and in all times. Most of us usually will forget our duty to give forgiveness when we are in powered or in better and good positions then the men who asked for it.

The big boss is usually acts as he was always right with his employees, although deep insight he knew that he was wrong, but he did not want to admit it. He was very proud of that, because to him the boss is always right. But the “stupid” people of him know that, and smiled behind his back, because they know that no man is so perfect and always right at all times and places. So stop bossing every one about!

Before he became Muslim, Zayd ib Sa’na came to see Prophet Muhammad PUBH, the Messenger of Allah demanding that he repay a debt to him. He pulled the Messenger of Allah garment from his shoulder, seized hold of him, and behaved coarsely to the Prophet PUBH, saying, “Banu ‘Abdul-Muttalib, you are procrastinating”.

‘Umar chased him off and spoke harshly to him while the Prophets PUBH merely smiled. The Prophet PUBH said, “’Umar, he and I need something else from you. Command me to repay well and command him to ask for his debt well”. Then he said, “I still owe him three”.

‘Umar commanded that he be paid and he added twenty sa’ more since he had alarmed him.

That, according to Zayd explanation, was the reason for him becoming Muslim. He said, “There were only two remaining signs of prophethood which I had not yet recognized in Muhammad or noticed: forbearance overcoming quick temperedness and extreme ignorance only increasing him in forbearance. I tested him for these and I found him as described”.Hadis:Al-Bayhaqi, Ibn Hibban, at-Tabarani and Abu Nu’aym.

So he said “Ashhadu alla ilaha illal Lah, wa ashhadunanna Muhammadar Rasulullah”.

How great is to admit you did wrong and give forgive to other.

The Whisper Off Pondok Rahmat:

Embrace Faith. Extend a tuft of goodwill, a thread of love, a garland of harmony.


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