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This article is extract from a speech given by our honourable al-Ustaz Zainal Abidin bin Haji Abdul Rahman, one of the prominent Islamic propagators in our state. Someone took a note of the speech and passed it me recently, which I did not know whom he was. I take gut to translate this short article and happily took the opportunity to publish it in my Blog to share with our beloved readers near and wide.

He began by saying that to commemorate each other between the Muslims are persuaded by Islam. Allah said in the al-Quran, Surah Adh-Dhariyat, Verses  55:

“And remind , for verily, the reminding profit the believers”.

When the Prophet Muhammad PUBH was asked, what is Din [religion], He PUBH answered, “Religion is reminding”.

Our Body

 Human body ia like a country that has two kings. Those King are:


-Nafs [passion]

In our heart there are two potential, the mind and knowledge.

Our Nafs also has two potentials, desire and lust.

They are contradicted to each other. So it needs the wide knowledge to sail safely in this world and after.


In order to face successfully the   challenges and safeguards safely our bodies and our souls in this world and after we need to make preparation for it. One of them is to purify every part of our body.


It is better to zikr, 70,000 times a day according to  Sufi’s teaching.
Some of zikrs for everyday practice are:



-Allahu Akbar

-La hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaahil  ‘aliyyil ‘azhim

Recite 25 times each of the zikr [remembrance to Allah] after each of the five times everyday prayers. That means every prayers we have completed 100 times zikrs.  In all everyday for five prayers we have done 500 times zikrs  [remembrance to Allah].


We only have to hear all the goodness, advices, and to hear the a-Quran reading. To attend the meeting of knowledge is worth. The Prophet Muhammad PUBH had said that he love attending a meeting of knowledge 1000 times than supererogatory prayer or sunat prayer.


We must eat the kosher or halal foods   to keep our soul healthy. We also have to be very careful the hygienic and the substance of the food to keep our body healthy.


We have to use our eyes to see the creations of Allah and hindering what Allah forbid to see.


We have to walk to something that will give us goodness, example go to mosque and etc.


We have to use our hands to do something that good to ourselves and to the community, and did not use our hands to do something that brings badness and harmful.


Genital is very important part of our body, because from the genital we get our descents.

Allah classified that those who keep their genital in goodness are included in his saying:

“Successful indeed are the believers.

Those who offer their Salat [prayers] with all solemnity and full submissiveness.

And those who turn away from Al-laghw [dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden].

And those who pay the Zakat.

And those who guard their chasity [i.e. private part, from illegal sexual acts].Al- Mu’minum: 1-5.

The Prophet Muhammad PUBH had said to remind that marriage has to be done very carefully   in order to have a good lineage. So any marriage should be done according to Sharia without ignoring the factors that correlated with it.

It is true that all our limbs will be asked about their work   in this world. Allah had said in the al-Quran:

“This day, We shall seal up their mouth, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn. [It is said that one’s left thigh will be the first to bear the witness]. Yasin: 65,

-Some sins can be clear with special worship.

-Some sins can’t be clear with special worship, but only can be clear by learning.

It is clear that Islam persuaded its people to learn or to seek the knowledge. We can’t judge the Islamic of a person only from his knowledge of the Five Pillars of Islam he knows.


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