Twilight At The Princess Lake

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The twilight at Princess Lake
The colourful clouds on the screen at twilight sky
Shake my heart;
So many years I step on your lawn
With sweet lover
Dear to heart.
But lately my journey only alone
No companion at side
Without friend in the heart

Lonely ascend the throne
Fully the chest
Oh how lonely at this twilight
Vinegar my heart

On the screen of the twilight sky
Your face appeared
Sweet beckon the heart
Searching for peacefulness
That lost

Only Allah the Entertainer
The Eternal
For the sadness heart
He only everlasting
The Most Wisdom
To ascertain the fate
All His creations

Alas the Princess Lake
Remember us in your prayers
With the passing day
To the external

The twilight
At the Princess Lake
The healthy dream
With the clouds
On the foot the twilight sky

Alas my heart
Peacefully in my prostration
At the foot of Allah


Alas the  Princess Lake
Remember us in your dream
Remember us in your prayer

At twilight
Drizzle has fallen
Not cultivate the seeds of sadness
But to open the horizon
Of the happiness
With helped from Al Mighty Allah”.

Who that said
“Enter you the Garden
And your wife
[beauty  and] rejoicing”
Al-Zukhruf: 70


Tasik Puteri
26 November 2012.


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