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You are at a harbor. There are very crowded people of many races and speak so many difference kinds of language, some are familiar to you, but mostly unfamiliar to you. There are thousands of empty boats on the sea. For every person freely can take any boat according to their choice. But only one boat for a person. All the boats are the same in size and no accommodation are given. Nothing is supply to any one for their accommodation although they all   have to board the boats and sail to some unknown place. 

Nobody knows how and where is the place. There are so many people have gone there before yet nobody come back to tell about the place.

You are told that no too far from the harbor there is a big island that everybody are advice to  stop there and take their provision for their use on their journey and when they arrive at the place they have to go.

All the people are advice to be very careful, because the island is not permanent. The time is short. When the accurate time comes, the island will submerge or explode to ashes piece by piece. Everything on the island will be destroyed, and nothing will be there. All living things, including human beings will be parish. 

You have only a short of time to stay there. You have to be very quick in your actions, either wise you will perish with the island when the permanent time has come. There is no time to loose. There is no slack. You must immediately search for your supply as ordered to you. You have to be very careful to select the provisions that will be benefit to you on your journey to the unknown place, and when you arrive there.

There is no time for you to be stupid. There is no time for you to play with the slack amusement. You have to be very cautious in the island because there are plenty amazement that will attract you to snatch your short and very useful time you have.

After you finished collect all the necessary things that you think very useful, you have to left the island and go to your boat to continue you journey to the unknown place. You will know your destiny good or bad, gain or loss at at the new place. There is  very important place becauseyou and all the people will live forever forever. You are advice not to waste your times on any things that trivial to you.

Many people ignored the advice and spent most or all their times in playing and collect unnecessary things to complete their important journey. These people collect stones and sands which they believe are benefit to them on the way and at the new places. In fact some of them happily still on the beautiful island when the times comes for them to left the island and take their boat to continue their journey. So when the island is submerge in the sea all of them are vanish and parish without trace.

To the people who are careless and give only important to what are they like in the island shall be very regretful and sad because every things they carry with them are not useful at all. They are all rubbish and do not has any price at all. But at that time their regretful is did not useful at all. They have given enough time for them to make preparation on their journey and when they arrive at the unknown destination.

That is a short story of your life, or to everyone who live in this world. To live in this world you must be very cautious and very careful so that you can live happily in the next world. The world is only for the cautious people.

You are created by Allah with two things, there are physical and soul. Soul does not like physical, you can’t see it with you naked eye. Your physical is not permanent and will parish when the exact time come, but your soul live forever, after you past away at any times.

The world is only temporarily and like a ground for playing before you die.

So don’t waste your time given to you by Allah. Use it carefully and usefully for the time to come that is no one   could escape from it. That is death.

To end this short story I would like to quote some holy saying of Prophet Muhammad [PUBH] for us to ponder about this transient world.

*”The worldly comfort are not for me, I am like a traveler, who take a rest under a tree in the shade and then goes on his ways”.

*”Hellfire complained to its Lord saying, “ My Lord ! My different parts eat up each other.”So, He allowed it to take two breaths, one in winter and the other in summer, and this is the reason for the severe heat and bitter cold you experience”.

*The best richness is the richness of the soul”.

Lorong Masjid al Qasimi,
Kg. Kubang Siput, Pasir Tumboh,
Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


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