The Village Where People Live Harmonise With difference Race And Religion

>> Thursday, November 19, 2015


Late yesterday evening I was at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I was waiting for a flight   to  Subang Airport . I sat at a chair for the waiting passengers at the Gate 3. The flight was late about fifteen minutes.

A little bit to the wright facing of me there were two young Chinese was sitting with hand phone in their hands. The young girl was reading and the young man was typing on his phone. I was sure by looking at their faces and the way they treat each other showed they were brother and sister. They were not couple in love that came to across my mind immediately after I saw of them.

The young girl is as young as my granddaughter at home. She wore casual dress that was wear by the young girls today. She wore T shirt with short hand with jean. No cover on her black hair that dangling on her neck. But she did not look sexy. She was a softness young girl.

I like to saw her softness conduct. By looking at her face she was not like a pure Chinese. She had a pointed nose like an Indian woman. Her complexion were no white as a Chinese woman, but looked like a female Malay woman. She talked softly not like mostly Chinese woman.

Then came a young Malay girl took a sit beside the maiden Chinese girl. She sit exactly front of me. She wore dress nearly the same as the Chinese girl. She wore T shirt and jean like the Chinese girl beside her. Her hair was not black, but was golden in colour. She looked sexy. The Malay girl movements tend to be coarse than soft as a Malay girl should be.

Some things flesh into my minds. I was born and live at a village, known as Kampung Salor, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Mostly people of the village were Malay with some Chinese. In the village the Chinese live like the Malays people. 

They spoke Malays, and learned at the same Malay school with Malay children. I never heard they spoke Chinese among themselves, although in their family.

In everyday life the Chinese woman, young and old wore like Malays woman. They used Malays “batik sarung”, and wore shirt same the Malays women shirt, moreover some of them wore “baju kurung”.

Sometimes the old Chinese women used “kain batik lepas” [a type of cloth] to cover their heads when they came out from their house. For the young Chinese girl they also cover their heads.

Like Malay male the male Chinese wore sarung instead of trousers.

They ate the same food as the Malay ate. They bought rice or “nasi belauk”  at the same place and went to the same shop with the Malay folk.

Some of them open coffee shops and most of the customers were Malays.

Every day their children play happily with the Malay’s children the same games without doubtful  

They went to the same river, swam and played in water with Malay’s children without hesitant.

The Chinese visited the Malay folk who were sick. On the other hand the Malays also paid visited the Chinese who were sick.

Sometime they used the same “bomoh” or a village medicine man to cure their sickness. Mostly the “bomoh” were Malay.

When the Chinese made “khenduri kahwin” or marriage ceremony they invited the Malay to attend their ceremony. On the hands the Malays invited the Chinese when they made “khenduri kahwin” or marriage ceremony.

All of this showed that the Malays and Chinese could live harmonise without prejudice although they were different in belief and religion.

To the people of Malaysia, with many races and many beliefs and many religions they should live together happily and harmonise forever as the people at my kampung, Kampung Salor.

“I do not worship that which you worship, and neither you worship that which I worship”.2-3-Al-Kafiroon [109].

Jalan Teratai,
Saujana Utama,
Sungai Buloh, Selangor.


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