Thundering And Lightning Killed The Unbelivers

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

THUNDERING and Lightning Killed the Unbelievers

SOMETIMES we read or heard that someone have been struck by lightning and was killed on the spot. Usually it happened at the open place, like at the paddy field or at the field during the stormy land raining day.

It was very sad news that touched our heart. It happened beyond our expectation, because it happened rarely, not like road accidents that happened everyday and killed so many people yearly, in our country or abroad. Too much bloods and souls have been lost involved in road’s accidents, mostly because of the carelessness of the road users. Not like lightning, it struck on its own accordingly to God will.

In the al-Quran Allah revealed the unbelievers of Prophet’s Salih [Thamud] was killed by Thundering and Lightning commanded by God to punish them because they disobey Him.

In Surah Hud, verses 67 and 68 Allah had said, “And As-Saihah [torment-awful cry] overtook wrongdoer, so they lay [dead], prostrate in their home. As if they had never lived there. No doubt. Verily, Thamud disbelieved in their Lord. So away with Thamud!”

In Surah Al-Haqqah, verses 4, 5 and 6 Allah had said, “Thamud and ‘Ad people denied the Qari’ah [the striking Hour of Judgement]! So for Thamud- they were destroyed by the awful cry! And as for ‘Ad- they were destroyed buy furious violent wind!”.

From ancient times men are wondering about the nature this awe phenomenon. So there are so many fables about thundering and lightning around the world.

Some men believed that thundering and lightning sparkled when the ghost quarrel in the heaven. Others believed that the lightings are means to kill the ghost around the earth.

Anyhow scientific research had success open the mystery of the thundering and lightning. The research showed that the thundering and lightning began at the same time when the world was created by God. Anyhow up to day there are many mystery still surrounded the phenomenon and have to be studied.

In one second there are 1800 times thundering and the lightning happened all around the world.

Scientist believed that lightning are the result off the jumping of electron from a cloud to the other cloud or to the surface of the earth. It burns the air on their way. The burned air is what known as the lightning.

Some of the energy of the lightning lost or vanished in the air, but more of them changed to be hot in the lightning channel, up to 15,000 Fahrenheit.

The hot air in the lightning channel suddenly exploded very fast to all directions. The sound of the explosion is the thundering.

Slow or powerful the explosion is depend to the power of the current in the lightning channel. If the power is strong the explosion [thundering] will be a loud, but if the power is weak the explosion will be slow.

Usually the thundering will be clearly heard when it exploded 7 miles above the earth. Sometimes we can still hear that thundering so far as 15 miles or 18 miles above the earth, but not more than 20 miles.

If we heard the thundering we can hear that the sound is in trembling way, not solid like the explosion of cannon dew to some factors.

The law of sound are reflected when it collided something, so that when it collided with clouds, hill, high building etc it gave the trembling sound.

We know that light travels faster than sound, so we can see the lighting first before we can hear the thundering in five seconds than.

Usually thundering exploded with lightning, but sometime we can see lightning without thundering, or hear thundering without lightning.

If we look through a telescope we can see the difference of the shape of the lightning. It can be divided into several shapes.

The channel of the lightning has no curved, that is in straight line. This is the ordinary lightning we usually see in the sky.

The channel of the lightning has curve and forks, as a river and its stream as we see on the map.

We can see the sparkle of the lightning but we can not hear the thundering, because it happened too far above the earth.

Lightning in the clouds, as it burned the clouds. Sometimes lightning with thundering and sometimes lightning without thundering.

The channel of the lightning has curve, but when it disappeared like it go into a pocket.

The channel of the lightning look like as been blown by the wind, like photo snap with tremble hands.

Lightning look like a bright ball that flying in the sky. It is extraordinary lightning, in fact most scientist don’t believed it.

The Whisper of Pondok Rahmat:
Embrace Faith, Extend a tuft of good will [Mahabah], a thread of love, a garland of harmony.


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