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The fast month of Ramadan for this year 1438 H. [2017/ ] has passed by,  and the result of the fast  as good Muslim still with us  forever. To see how a Muslim live his everyday life in the Ramadan month  we take the opportunity to translate and condense Dr. H. Muhammad Th’s   article  for our reader to read and enjoy it.

He wrote:

“As a Muslim he woke up about at 3.00 a.m. Although he felt sleepy and very tired, encourage by his strong faith and sincerity he weak up from the bed and walked to bath room to clean his mouth, washed his face or take ablution. He may straight away took his Sahur  what is available, than prayed Midnight Prayer [Tahajud]  and continue to read or learn Al-Quran while waiting for time for Morning Prayer [Solat Subuh].

Or he may firstly Pray Tahajud, than took his Sahur what is available while waiting for the time for Morning Prayer [Solat Subuh], meanwhile he read or learn Quran. He do all that with the willingly   heart and high spirit because he believe what he has done is like by Allah and done by his Prophet Muhammad SAW.

After that he goes to the mosque to pray Morning Prayer congregation with other people or pray at home with his family. After finished Morning Prayer and zikrillah [utterance the name of Allah fully], the Muslim may play aerobic, or learn the new knowledge, or again read or learn to understand the verses of the Quran or may lay and rest for a while.

At about 7.00 pm he was ready to continue his duty for the day, to learn new knowledge, work to earn his living in permissible way or do another activity. In all he did all the things with purposely in the frame to devotion to Allah and to look for His resigned [redha].

He left the house with one question what he can do the other people, his society and his state. He did not hope other people or society to give him something for himself. He left the house with provision of affection love to his friends and surrounding his life. He left the house with full of hope to Allah to face the reality of life and with hard intention to do something to correct the environment and he did not felt frustrated or lament about it.

As a Muslim who has intention in his heart to fast with full of faith and sincerely for Allah, he went out from the house that day, or stay in his house, he do all his human duty  with firm, wide, sincere, clear and patient provision of spirit and mental.

Surely when his left house he took with him the excellent and praises of provision of mental  because he has pray midnight humbly last night. In the silent night he has drunk the vitamin and medicine for strong and good nutrient food for his soul that is read Quran.

His praying and reading Quran has given him with calm and stable soul.

On his way back that day he will face many atmosphere and problems but he could answer all of them with positive respond that will bring good for all. He did his work with high dedication, orderly and clean. He did all with tenacious and honest.

Although successful he did not egoistic, on the contrary became more near to Allah and thankful to Him. On the contrary failure did not make him lost hope and frustrated for long times, but make him know how to correct himself and to higher his connection with Allah and always beg\ for help from Him.

If someone broke his heart or heat his personality, he will stop his furious, be sincere and thoroughly be friendly with the man as usual for Allah. If someone needed his help, he will help him with sincere and with full heart. If someone in difficulty, he will find the way to less it as far as he can do it.

On his way home that day, he endure his hungry and thirsty with patience. If he saw someone weakly on the edge of the road, he will give some money to the man fumbled from his pocket.

For such Muslim there is no indifferent and egoistic in his dictionary of life. He has felt the fang of hunger and thirsty  from morning to evening. The poor had to felt more hunger and thirsty, and may me added with the cool or hot of the day and did not know when he will free from that uncomfortable environment and when he will break his fast.

He always carefully kept his heart so that his heart is always open, wide and clean. As a fasting man he always remembered Allah and uttered His name, and remembered Allah The Almighty, and His bounty, His Guide, although he always busy and with his various activity. He did all that only for Allah and what is done by the Prophet SAW.

When he arrived at his home there was  a refrigerator that was fill with drinks, fresh fruits, and foods, though he never seduced by it. It is very easy for him to control himself and his lust, because he is fasting only for Allah. He always remembered Allah. Allah always sees him. Allah always led   him and always rated him.
He waited the time to break his fast in a good way. He   thank Allah and break his fasting   He fell that no drink more enjoyable than the drink he break fasting and no food that so bounty than the food he eat during the breaking of his fasting. He took his
food moderately and did not full his belly with food and in that way his body become more firmly and his mental is more efficient. After Maghrib Prayer, if he did not have anything to do, he will reread Quran, and learn its meaning and ponder about its wisdom while waiting for the time for night prayer [Isyak].

He gave life to the night of Ramadan with Tarawih Prayer, read Quran or did charity work.

After that he went to sleep with the strong intention to wake up at midnight, about 3.00 am to continue, and redo what his had done every night during the month of Ramadan.

That is more or less to show, day by day how a Muslim took his path in the month of Ramadan. It show that fasting is not a type of body suffering but it is a mean to practice how to control oneself  to make his minds to be the BOSS and his desire to be his SLAVE, not otherwise his  mind become the SLAVE while his desire become the BOSS.

We thank you for read the above writing   and we hoped that you will get some benefit from it.

Lorong Masjid al-Qasimi,
Kg.Kubang Siput,
Pasir Tumboh, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


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