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>> Friday, April 10, 2015


Last two nights ago from Kota Bharu Airport I arrived at Subang Airport. The journey about one hour was wonderful.

                                         Arham Zaini is waiting for his father

Sometime during the trip, I turned my head to the right and looked out through the small window beside me I could not see anything. The night sky was dark and blank. No cloud could be seen. There were no moon and no stars could be seen, although I was sure that they could be seen if I was on the ground at same times.

But when I bowed my head down, I could see the light scattered on the ground underneath, near and far. The lights came from the street lamps and the houses down there. It was a beautiful sight. The lights glow in the dark as a guide to all the creatures, mostly mankind,

Actually we need the light. We want the light always to be with us in at all the times in this world and after. The light will guide us to the right path, so that we will not astray in the darkness, and hindered us to be throw in the hell, the most bad place for dwelling.

Allah said about this light in al-Quran:

“On the Day you shall see the believing men and believing women- their light running forward before them and [with their Records- Book of deed] in their right hand. Glad tidings for you this Day! Garden under which  rivers flow [Paradise] , to dwell therin forever! Truly, this is the great success!”.Al-Hadid [57]- 12,

I was awake from my deep memory when passenger who was seated on the seat front of me cough loudly and recurring. The gentleman seemed not very well. Starting from his sat down on is seat he started coughing and never cease till now after nearly one hour flying in the sky.

I was sympathised with the passengers beside him, left and right when the gentleman cough in such manner. I was sure they were not comfortable, and feel afraid the cough will   contagious to them. But what can they do?

I am very pity with the man, and feel very sorry for him. It is not his fault he got sick. Everyone wanted to be healthy. We all try hard to get it for all the times. But our luck did no always with us. All was in the hand of Allah. He alone defined our destiny without involving any creatures.

But it is very clever to every man and woman who have the vulnerable disease, like cough and influenza no to use any public facility, such as buses, and aeroplane etc.

Some Muslim people, when they were bad ridden by such vulnerable disease, they reluctant to go to the mosque because they afraid that their present will make their friends feel uneasy, and some people might scold him behind.

After flying about one hour, came the announcement that the plane will land soon at Subang Airport, and the environment at the airport is very good. Not long after that, we heard an announcement to inform us that our plane will landed five minute earlier than the schedule times.   

Soon after the light on the aeroplane were off, we can feel that the plane were step down on the floor of Subang Airport, and after a while it halted but with the engine still on. Unexpectedly, we heard the captain made an announcement again that we have to wait for about two minutes for the plane to park on its own parking load.

After it was halted and the engine was off on his parking load we all get down from the plane. The night is waiting for us. It will take nearly one hour to arrive home at Saujana Utama.

When the night comes, the day will go.

“He brings the night as a cover over the day”.Al-Quran-Ar-Ra’d [13]: 3

Good Night,


Jalan Teratai,Saujana Utama,
Sungai Buloh.


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