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I arrived home at night a few days ago. There were not many people at the Subang Airport at that time.  According to schedule The Firefly will depart at 9.10 pm, and I have to   board the plane at 8.40pm.

The day is Sunday night. After checking the ticket, we were looking for food stall in the terminal of the building. We wanted to eat chapatti for our dinner. But three or four Indian stall there closed. There was one stall that sold chicken rice still open. We ordered two plates of rice chicken. It was light food and very pleasing to eat.

After finished eating as usual I went to a book stall to look books that I might like to read and buy. But there was none. I enter another stall nearby and looking for muffin cake. There was no muffin cake so instead I bought two pieces of chiffon cake.

The usual cost of one piece of the chiffon cake is one ringgit. But when I paid two ringgit for the two pieces of chiffon cakes the stallholder asked me to pay 10 cents more for GST. Without saying anything I gave him ten cents more.

Before GST I only have to pay one ringgit for one piece of such cake, but after GST I have to pay one ringgit  and five cents, although the price of the cake was still one ringgit each.

How much I have to pay if I buy hundred pieces of the cakes?

What do you think? I gain or I lost?

On the way to the airport we stopped at supermarket and I bought some goods to bring home at Kota Bharu. The supermarket charged RM3.42 for GST. I am sure if I bought more than that, I will have to pay more for GST.  

Do you think I am happy with that?

I am still wonder how this GST could give benefit to all the people as assured by the authority?

How the people gain the profit from the GST?

I was in the departure hall of the terminal earlier as before. The hall was crowded with passengers. They were waiting for boarding the plane to go to their destinations. There were not enough chairs for the passengers to sit. I saw some of them were sitting on the floor near the wall of the building and more of them were standing, because there were no more spaces to sit.

I was one of them who   stand up waiting for the calling to board the plane.

I knew from the passengers who talk to each other that the departure hall was full because the delay of all the domestic planes to depart at that schedule hour.

I have to stand up with a bag contain a lap-top and some books hanging on my shoulder almost one hour before they call to board the plane.

What do you think I should do?

On the plane my seat was beside one Chinese young man. All through the journey he never talk, and almost up his head from his reading. By a glance to the book front of him, I think he is a doctor student who will soon attend his examination.

As usual after about half hour of the journey the stewardess will offer to all the passengers to pick only one of the two types of food they offer, beans or sardine puff. I like puff, but it always hot for me to eat it. I always took one bite to taste it, if I felt my throat could not swallowed it so I gave it up and then asked for a cup of plain water.

One the stewardess was polite and has a sweet smiling face. I like her sweet face and feel that she was like my own daughter.

On the way home, we stopped at food stall and bought a packet of bread. The cost of the bread is RM2.40 as usual, but now I have to pay 13 cents more for the GST.

Do you think I was happy with it?

It is dart to my mind, could some days mostly the people of Malaysia will disappear smiling from their faces because of the GST? What I means are the true smiling face that come from their hearts, and not the payment smiling of the workers that force them to smile as part of their duty to the boss.

That was some parts of what I heard and saw with Firefly that night and I like to share it with all the readers of my Blog.

I wish good luck to all of you.

Kg. Parit, Pasir Tumboh, 
Kota Bharu, Kel.


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