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Surin is one of my friends from Bangkok, Thailand. We meet for a few times during his visit to Kelantan during 1960’s. He came with the royal family group from Bangkok. Although such a long times had passed, sometimes I still remember of him. He is a sweet  good looking guy.

He and the royal group stay at the Istana Kampung Sirih, Kota Bharu, a guest palace for the royal families who visited Kelantan at that time.

He once came to visit our office, Pustaka DIAN, at that times located at the junction of Panggung Lido, before we move to the new place at Jalan Tengku Chik, also in  Kota Bharu.

At sometimes Surin gave me some photos of the Thailand royal family. But up till now I only can found only one of the photos. That is the photo of the youngest daughter to the royal family HM Bhumibol Adulyadej dan HM Queen Sirkit of Thailand.

It is the photo of the Princess Chulbhorn Walailak at stated on the back of the photo written in his hand. The white photo is very smeared and damaged because so long time has passed.

Ia am very sorry to publish the her highness photo although it is in bad conditions, only to spark his fresh memory to us, including the late Ustaz [Dato’] Yusuf Zaky Yaacob.

Also I am very sorry to the highness the princess to publish such photo of her. Simultaneously I also put a new photo of her, taken from the internet.

I once wrote a letter to my friend Surin, and happily he responded to my letter, and wrote an answer to my letter in Thailand language. So I have to look someone to help me read his letter.But later I lost his address.

After that our relationship are faded. As far I as I am concern at that time  he was a photographer at the palace or at Thailand Ministry of Information. Later I heard that the he was working as government servant at South Thailand.

I am very glad that if he by chance read this story, or someone else who read and known him, could pass the news to him. Sorry to say that I forget his full name.


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