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There is an anecdote in some sacs of Sufi about love- one of the greatest of love story ever told.

The anecdote was about love between a servant and his Al-Mighty Lord.

At one times there was a man who was very obedient to Allah. He was pious. At his late ages he never marriage, although all of his friends nearly at the same ages with him have marriage and have family. All of them have descendants.

When his friends asked him about woman or wife this man only smile, and never said anything although in their village there were many young girls that he could choose to be his wife.

He was hard worker, and not a spendthrift, who used his money very carefully. He lived with his old father and mother. They were farmers, was known as religious man and woman in their village. The villagers liked them because they were generous.
They hoped and prayed for their only son to have a mate and get marriage soon, so that they will have heir for their family.

They know that his son was a good man who never miss to attend the five times prayers at the mosque, and always woke at night to do night prayer [ solat tahajud]. But Rasulullah PUBH marriage and had children and grandchildren of his own.

At last the man took his parents advice, to marriage a beautiful young girl who like him. Her parents also like this man.

No long after the marriage his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Both of their parents were very happy.

The man was very happy to have the children. His spend almost of his free times,   days and nights played happily with his baby. He did not realise how long he spend his times with the baby.

Until one night he fall a slept beside the baby while playing with her. He dreamed that he was in a strange place, which he felt it was during the Day of Last judgement. He saw that before him there were groups of people with crowded according to the big flags that hold by two strong man ready to march forward. He saw one of the flag was written   the words “For the people who love Allah”. He went to the group thinking that he should be one them according what he had done during his life times in the world. He thought he had spent so much of his times worshiped Allah.

But he was stopped by a man who was a commander of the group. He told him that there  was  no  place for man like him in this group, because he did not loves Allah so much as should he be as servant of Allah while he lived in the world before he died.

He cried and the felt he was terrible. He was afraid and restless to remember the bad dream.

After solat Dhuha tomorrow morning he prayed  to Allah. He  asked Allah to pardon him and said, “Oh Allah, if the precious baby you grant to me are a high wall between me and you and hinder me to be closed to you, please take away the baby. I will be happy”.  He repeated the words slowly and sincerely so many times.

About one hour later he heard a man on his doorstep gave him Salam and knock on the door. After he answered the Salam, a man peer his head inside the house and said hurriedly to him, “Quick brother, your daughter just died, she fall down on steps”. Then the man quickly went away.

The man smiled. He thought, Allah has answered his prayer very soon. He thanked Allah.

Quickly he went out from his house to go and see his lovely baby that has gone away forever.

No body know what happened in his heart. Only Allah knows.

Lorong Masjid al-Qasimi,
Kg.Kubang Siput,
Pasir Tumboh, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


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