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I have just read an article by Hazizah Osman in Health Digest about one of the famous celebrity, Anita Sarawak. The magazine was published in the year 2002. I am interested with some of her sayings that forward by the author from her interview with Anita that the author called “Sophisticated Lady”.

I would like to thank   Hazizah for the good article that still worst to read although 14 years was past. And I take the opportunity to forward some bit what Anita has said in the article for my affectionately readers to read.


Anita Sarawak said about Gratitude:
“When I wake up  every morning, I thank God  for giving me the health, energy and success that I have today. Before I go to bed, I thank God  for blessing me with another fruitful  day on this earth.”

What she said is very true. To be gratitude is very important. It is the essence of life to those who believed in God. We should thank God for giving us every things, big or small, important or not for us. 

But we should not forget. We should be able to gratitude to what we have, whether we failed or success, whether we gains or loss.

There are two different levels of gratitude. The first level is to be gratitude to blessings given to us, likes shelters, foods, work and so on that are familiar in our everyday life.

The second level is not very easy to do. That to be gratitude and appreciate if we are failed or get a great lost. We have to receive whatever God gave to us as blessings. We have to be positive and look positive. Kick far away the negative ones.

It is good to remember what Marchi Shimoff said, “People often ask me, “What’s the fast track to love?”. Then there is one answer, I think, “Gratitude”. When we’re grateful for what’s going on in our lives, that is when  our heart’s open. It’s a way  that we actually register  and savor the good that’s going on in our lives”.
“There is an old saying:”What you appreciate, appreciate”. When you  appreciate something, then more of that flows into your life”.

To Gain Respect

Anita Said:
“To gain respect, you must always respect other first”.

That is very correct. The law of nature is we take what we give. If we plant paddy, we harvest the rice, but if we plant weeds we harvest the weeds. That fair.

And so if we smile, the world will smile to us. So let smile. But if you show the sullen face, who want to see your face? Who want to smile to you with a sour face? Even flies don’t like to see your face.

So respect other, than other will respect you. That is the law of the nature.

Anita Sarawak stressed that we should look the good quality own by other people. Never think we are the best, other people may be better than us. Don’t think we are clever, and regarded we are clever, there are many other ma be genius than us.

So Anita advices, “You may be good but there is always someone better than you”

No Regrets

At the end of this short article like to collect the sayings of Anita Sarawak to concise her past life and her future dream that gave her happiness.

She said, according to Hazizah Osman: “I will not change a thing about my life. I’ve done a lot of good things and when I leave this world I will be happy. When I retire, my dream is to live by the sea and watch the sunrise and sunset with my soul mate”.

That Anita Sarawak. We pray for her happiness.

Lorong Masjid al-Qasimi,
Kg.Kubang Siput, Parit,
Pasir Tumboh, Parit,
Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


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