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Yesterday morning            ,

I was on my way driving alone to visit my friend house at Kampong Lati, Pasir Mas.

On the way I stop at a petrol station. I halted the car at one of the pump. After I paid the cost of the petrol at the counter I rushed to the car to fill it with petrol.

I opened the tank of the car, took hold the red pump in my right hand and pushed the nose trunk of the pump into the tank. But the pump did not work. After so many times tried the meter of the pump still did not move. The number on the screen of the pump macine is the same as from the beginning.

I thought it was my faults. I think I did not know to use the pump properly. Actually I rarely stop and take petrol station, because the fuel of the car always ready to be use.

After about five minutes a woman staff from the office station came to see me.  I told her what had happen to the pump.

So she took the pump from me and put the nose of the trunk of the pump in the tank and pulled the trigger to fill the tank with petrol, but I did not work. The meter of the pump still did not move.

So when she asked my permission to change from red pump to yellow pump [97], I promptly agreed. I did not want to be late because of the small mater. She helped me to move the car a little bit front so that she could put the nose of the trunk of the pump in the tank.

But the yellow pump [97] also could not be used. She called her friends in the office by using her hand to come and help. A young man came. After she told his friend that the pump did not working she was gone. The young man tried to use the pump, but the result is the same. The pump was out of order.

So he asked me politely to move the car to another pump. A agreed and get into the car and drove to another pump. That means I have to drive more than half of the building of the pumps to the new pump.

I halted the car at the pump showed by him through the pump number. But the yellow pump still could not be use. But this time trigger could not be take off from its place. It was stuck there.

It was lucky to me beside my pump there was a man who just finished fill his car tank with petrol. I asked him for help. Then he willingly came to my side.

When he noticed that I used the yellow pump, he explained to me that the pump never be used. He showed me that the pump was tied by some wire rope. He suggested me to use the red pump [95]. She told me that the price of the red one is 20 cents cheaper than the yellow one.

“Nobody use this petrol now”. He said, and pulled the trunk of the pump and put its nose on my car tank. When that young man came to help, it was ready. I thanked to all of them for their generous help.

By that time I was late nearly twenty minutes from my schedule to reach my friend house.

Anyhow I thank Allah for His help.

I narrate this story to show that at least there were somes messages behind the short story for me to ponder.

First, Allah is All Al-Mighty. We human beings only made plan, but Allah also made plans according to His Will without involvement anybody. Allah plan is more better than our plan.

Secondly we have to be patience at any time, place and situation.

Always be thankful to Allah.

Lorong Masjid Al-Qasimi,
Kg. Kubang Siput
PT.KB. Kelantan Darulnaim.


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