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Last week, my son Arham Zaini had made a trip to Hong Kong. He had a short visit. When he arrived in Hong Kong he sent to us a short message through WhatsApp.

Reach HK safely and already in hotel. Alhamdulillah and Washukurillah”.

And the next days he sent some photographs of the beautiful Hong Kong to us, in which three of the photos I put in this Blog as a memory his sweet visit to Hong Kong.

We have s short conversation via mobile phone. He told me that he is okay there. All run smoothly. He said that the living standard in Hong Kong is very high. The prices of all the goods, including all type of foods are very dear.

In the city of Hong Kong the taxi fare for about one kilo meter is more that 200 Hong Kong dollar. 200 Hong Kong Dollar is about 100 Ringgit Malaysia.

“That OK for the people of Hong Kong, because the salary of all the workers are very high. They afford to buy their necessity of living. They live happily in Hong Kong”.

To make this writing a little bit interesting I made a short research about Hong Kong. I compile here in brief what I have recorded.

The area of Hong Kong is 1, 100 kilo meter square with population 7, 188, 000 persons. It means there it is about 6,254 person for square kilo meter.

The climate is Subtropical; monsoon from May to September. Average temperature ranges from 16 degree C [61 degree F].

It was a British dependent territory until 1997, but on the 1st July 1997 it was surrendered to the Republic of China.

They spoke English language and Chinese, mostly is Canton dialect. Most of them are from the territory of Guangdong that ran away to Hong Kong when China was rules by Communist in 1949.

But I was informed that most of the Chinese, did not like to admit that they are from the mainland of China, and very proud to say that they are the Chinese of Hong Kong, especially the new generation.  

Most of them are Buddhist, Christianity, Hinduism, Catholic and Muslim.

There are about 250,000 Muslim people in Hong Kong, as a minority religion in the territory. Their numbers are always increased from time to time.

The Muslim of Hong Kong has five mosques. The mosques also became the centre to all Islamic activity of Hong Kong. The oldest mosque is Masjid Jamia  at Shelley Street, that was built in the year about 1890. 

Currency is Hong Kong dollar [HK$], and the national flower is Bauhinia [orchid tree].

Kampung Parit, Pasir Tumboh,
Kota Bharu, Kel.


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