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I should write this short memory immediately after Aidilfitri, but because I have a very short of times, only today I have the opportunity to do it. Anyhow the warmest of Aidilfitiri is still around us.

                                         Bersama anak saudara dan cucu-cucu

Many people still celebrate Aidilftri with feasting for their families and friends. So many types of foods and drinks are served to them. Many offices, government or non government office also still celebrate this Aidilfitri  for their staffs and clients.

                                          Anak saudara dari Terengganu

As usual my house was flooded with family, relative and friends. They all came as good will during this beautiful Aidilfitri. This day is the good times for mutual forgiveness. With open heart we gave forgiveness to everyone and also asked to be give forgiveness. So please forgive all of us.

                                          Kathy bersama keluarga Su                                         

We serve them with some feastings. Some of the feastings are   nasi dagang, nasi kapit with satay, and tapai, and nasi Arab and a few more. With Allah help we tried very hard to make all of our guests satisfied and happy with our served to them.

                                             Kathy bersama cucu-cucu

We are very happy to see all our guests, young and old, including children came to our house with happy faces and calm hearts. All of this made our Aidilfitri gathering joyful and made our hearts full gratefulness to Allah.

One our special guest that day was a woman from England, Kathy Byrne. She was one of the expatriate recruited by Ministry Of Education to teach English to the English teachers in Malaysia.

                                          Hari Raya nasib Plaestine tetap dikenang

Kathy said she liked Kelantan very much. She likes the beautifulness of this country and the affable people of Kelantan. She was very happy to stay here.

Thank to her for willingly coming to our house and joined happily our Aidilfitri day.

                                           Kathy bersama anak saudara dari Terengganu

Aidilfitri day came at the end of every fasting month of Ramadan. Fasting is one of five pillars of Islam. It is commanded by Allah. Allah said, “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those  before you, that ye may [learn] self-restraint”. The Cow, Verse 183.

                              Kathy bersama Noorbaiti    
Those who fast are very happy with the coming of Aidilfitri. They know that every moment during their fasting they have to suppress their passions and desires only to abide to Allah. Fasting helped them to strengthen their faith to Allah and be true subservience to Allah Will.


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